Micro (U3 - U6)



All U3-U6 programs run once per week at Benjamin Marr Fields. (Cornell Village Public School)*

Please note that all program start times will move ahead half an hour in the month of August.

Under 3 (Born 2014) - $200.00
Mixed - Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday at 6:30pm 
Under 4 (Born 2013) - $250.00
Boys - Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 6:30pm
Girls - Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 6:30pm
Under 5 (Born 2012) - $250.00
Boys - Monday 6:30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 7:30pm 
Girls - Monday 6:30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 7:30pm 
Under 6 (Born 2011) - $250.00
Boys - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 7:30pm 
Girls - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 7:30pm 

* - Venue locations subject to change based on total registrations in each age group. Will be confirmed in late April.

Players/parents will receive their uniforms and equipment and will meet their coaches/team leaders on Opening Day (Sunday, May 28, 2017).

The regular schedule for all groups, after the opening day on Sunday, will commence the week of May 29th & the season will finish the third week of August. 

U3- U6 will have Mentor Coaches, who have completed the official Ontario Soccer Association "Active Start" Certification appropriate for this age group.  Our Club Head Coach has designed a program with a variety of activities which includes 30 minutes of structured soccer and which meet the LTPD requirements as set by the Ontario Soccer Association. 

Parent VOLUNTEERS are still required to work alongside with these trained coaches for the U3 program.  Our U4 - U6 groups require "Team Leader" volunteers. Parents wishing to volunteer to assist with their child's team should contact Michelle.  Team Leader volunteers receive a $25 credit towards future registrations with the Club.

All players will receive a full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks), a team picture, a ball and a participation award, provided during the last session of the season.   All U3 and U4 registrants will also receive complimentary shin guards.

A late fee applies to all registrations as of April 15th. 

Parent Guide - Updated 2016