Youth House League Formats

The Markham Soccer Club operates in compliance with the guidelines established in the Canadian Soccer Association Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) program. This curriculum is based on designated training programming for soccer to match the physiological needs and physical capabilities of the player at each stage of development.

Under these guidelines, no scores/standings are recorded until U14 divisions to allow the players to appropriately develop their skills without the added pressure of team results. Further, the Club officials monitor equal/fair play for all players within all youth house league divisions.

Accordingly, our programs are established under the following:

U3 - Parent & Tot
U4/U5/U6 - Active Start Instructors with Volunteer Team Leaders

U7 - 4-a-side format on mico fields
U8 - 5 a-side format on smaller fields
U9-10 - 7 a-side format on mini fields

U11-U12 - 9 a-side format on junior fields (offside rule in effect)

U14 + - 11 a-side format on full sized fields playing under FIFA rules