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All Markham Lightning rep teams are to use the resource materials in the "Team Resources" section of the Markham SC website. Managers must be logged into the site in order to access/view these pages.


If you are interested in becoming a team official (coach or manager) with one of our rep team programs, approach the head coach of the program first to see where you can best help the group.

These are the club policies and requirements for new coaches and/or managers being added to the Markham Soccer Club rep programs. Below, please review the appropriate documentation that is required for vulnerable sector screening - VSS (for York Region residents) as outlined. All team officials will need to update with a new VSS document every fourth year.

VULNERABLE SECTOR SCREENING (for all rep team officials)
The Markham SC Volunteer letter needs to be brought to the police station with the completed VSS application form. (See document links below).

You must present yourself in person at the following York Region Police Facility (York Region Residents Only) with two pieces of government issued identification.

Community Resource Centre
10720 Yonge Street 
Richmond Hill, ON
Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturdays: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

When you have received your VSS document from the police station, submit this original document only (NO COPIES), plus the payment receipt to the Operations Manager in a sealed envelope. Complete the Volunteer Application and include in teh envelope. When all of these documents have been presented, we will reimburse you for the VSS fee. 

Document LINKS

Markham SC Volunteer Letter
York Regional Police VSS application
Markham SC Volunteer Application

ALL TEAM OFFICIALS (Coaches and Managers)

Before ANYONE can assume an official role OR be on the field in ANY capacity, ALL of the following MUST occur.

1. Submit all documentation above (VSS document from the police station -not the application) and your completed Volunteer Application.

2. Once a team official has submitted both documents, we can approve the additional team official. We will advise the team head coach & existing manager(s) when the team official has been approved by the board.

3. FOR COACHES ONLY:  In addition to completing steps 1 & 2 above, a candidate for coach/assistant coach MUST be interviewed by our Club Head Coach, Tommy Bianchi and our rep director, Chris Minos. This step should take place BEFORE the coach registers for any coaching certifications.

4. At the conclusion of the meeting, Tommy and Chris will determine whether the candidate will be approved as a Coach 

5. When the board approves the candidate, that team official is permitted to assist with training sessions even though they may still not have completed their coaching certifications (as applicable).

The following certifications are required in order for a coach to be registered as a coach for a York Region club and to be on the sidelines during games.

When available, coaches can register for the courses required by using the following link and searching for the appropriate courses/locations:



Respect in soccer (online course)

Making Ethical Decisions (classroom course – one evening)

Laws of the Game (classroom course – approx. 3 hours) – Exempt if a current OSA registered referee.

Making Headway Concussion Series (online)

Plus the age-appropriate NCCP Coaching Certification 

Coaches qualify under one of the following three sections:

Under 8 – Fundamentals (7 hour course – one day on weekend)

Under 9-12 – Learn to Train (14 hour course – two days on weekend)

Under 13+ - Soccer for Life (14 hour course - two days on weekend)


C-License or higher certification (does not require Making Ethical Decisions but recommended)

The club requires a copy of ALL certifications when completed and these will be submitted with your Team Official Book to be processed.


 Coaches who complete new certifications for are eligible to be reimbursed in accordance with club policy. As an example, if a coach receives all four of their required certifications in 2017, they can submit their payment receipts to the office at the conclusion of the outdoor season. If they served as a coach in that outdoor season, they will receive 50% reimbursement that Fall. If they also serve as a coach the following outdoor season, they will receive the second 50% reimbursement in the Fall of 2018.

The one exception to the reimbursement rule is for Under 8 coaches who have served the club for one outdoor season who then require the Learn to Train component to coach at Under 9. The club will reimburse those coaches for the Learn to Train at 100% upon presentation of their certificate AND the payment receipt.

For specialty courses, such as GK, Pre B, etc. contact the club head coach in ADVANCE of enrollment.
Respect in Soccer:  All Competitive Coaches in York Region are required to complete the Respect in Soccer Course to be registered to their team.  Once complete please email Stacey your certification number.  Please follow the link below to access Respect in Soccer.