General Information

2017 Outdoor registration is now OPEN. 

Players can register as teams or as individual players. All players must register individually on the website online registration portal.

If registering as a team, Captains must complete the following roster form and send to Michelle. Adult Team Roster Template

Under-23 Men's & Women's**Interclub** Sunday Nights NEW FOR 2017
Open Men's House League - Sunday afternoon/evenings 
Open Women's House League - Thursday evenings 
Over 35 Men's League - Friday evenings
Co-Ed League - Tuesday evenings 

 The MSC Adult Division includes
  • Men's Outdoor House Leagues (Open and Over 35)
  • Women's Outdoor House League (Open)
  • Co-Ed House League (Open)
  • Men's Over 35 Indoor House League
  • Men's Open Age Indoor House League
  • Women's Open Age Indoor House League 
  • Co-Ed Indoor House League
  • Men's Recreational Outdoor teams (Over 35 and Over 50) in the York and Durham Region Leagues 
  • Women's Competitive and Recreational Outdoor Teams in the York Region Soccer League
  • Women's Competitive teams in the Ontario Women's Soccer League
For information or questions on the adult programs please email or call Michelle.

League Rules for Markham Adult Leagues

Updated February 2017

All rules will default to Laws of the Game and/or OSA Indoor Rules unless otherwise defined below:

  1. There will be a 15 minute grace period; however, as soon as the minimum number of players are present for a team the game must begin (5 for indoor games, 7 for outdoor games).
  2. All teams must appear at the field unless notified by Markham Soccer regardless of weather conditions.
  3. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  4. Discipline will follow OSA published policies.  Players and/or team officials facing discipline are solely responsible for their own understanding of the OSA discipline policies.  OSA DISCIPLINE POLICY
Rule 1   Playing Days and Standings

1.1. League Playing Day and schedule will be as published by the Club on the Club website.

1.2. For determining the League Standings, three points shall be awarded for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss. The League Champions shall be the team which accumulates the greatest number of points in League regular season play.

1.3. In the event of a tie for first place in League Standings between two or more teams at the end of the regular season, the following criteria will be used to determine the League winner:

1. Head-to-head
2. Least goals against 
3. Goal difference
4. Most goals for
5. Flip a coin

Rule 2  Team Official Responsibility

2.1. Each team may dress a maximum of 18 players for a game.  Each team MUST have a designated TEAM OFFICIAL/Captain.

2.2. All players MUST be registered with the Markham Soccer Club in accordance with O.S.A. Rules and Regulations and must abide by them.  Players may not play until they have been added to the game sheet by the MSC office to verify registration.

2.3. The goalkeeper must wear a contrasting-coloured, numbered, jersey, which must also be different from that of the opposing team.

Rule 3   Player Rules

3.1. Only players dressed to play, and listed on the game sheet, shall be allowed on the bench.

3.2. Each player must be in possession of photo identification in order to be eligible to play. A team official from the opposing team may request to examine any player's photo identification prior to the commencement of the game. If a player cannot provide photo identification as requested, they are not eligible to participate and are deemed an ineligible player.

3.3. In the event of an altercation on the field of play, should anyone from the bench enter the field of play during this altercation, upon report from the referee of such an infraction, there will be a fine assessed against the team as per the schedule of fines below and/or disciplinary action will be taken.

3.4. Teams failing to comply with League Rules and Regulations are subject to fines and/or disciplinary action. Team officials will be notified in writing of any fines levied as per the schedule of fines and/or disciplinary action that will be taken.

Rule 4   Team Responsibilities

4.1. The referee shall start the game at the scheduled kick-off time. If one or both teams have less than the prescribed minimum number of players at the end of the 15 minute grace period, the game will be a default for both teams and no points awarded. If only one team has less than the minimum, the game will be awarded to the opposing team as a 3-0 win and a fine may be levied or disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the League. If both teams have less than five players, no points will be awarded and  a fine may be levied or disciplinary action may be taken against both teams at the discretion of the League.

4.2. In the event a team fails to show for their scheduled game, the game will be awarded to the opposing team as a 3-0 win and a fine may be levied and disciplinary action shall be taken.

4.3 A grace period of fifteen minutes will be allowed in the event that a team has less than five players at the appointed kick-off time. The game clock will start at the scheduled kick off time, The grace period will be deducted from the total playing time, NO ADDITIONAL time will be added.

4.4 A full game is two 25-minute halves.  A game is considered as complete if at least 30 minutes of playing time has elapsed in total. A full outdoor game is 90 minutes. A game is considered as complete if at least 50 minutes of playing time has elapsed in total.

4.5. In the event a game is abandoned by the game official for any reason, or the referee is concerned for the safety of any person(s) if the game is continued, the referee shall immediately file a report, and the League shall decide the result of the game, which may include rescheduling the game, and/or disciplinary action.

4.6. The team official is responsible for all the players and officials on their team, for team supporters at all times on and off the field, and shall conduct themselves in a manner in accordance with the Rules of Conduct as set out by the O.S.A. and the League. All team officials shall confine themselves to the bench area along with the players.

4.7. The players bench shall be two separate and distinct areas and immediately adjacent to the field of play, as designated by the League. Only players and team officials entered on the game sheet, are allowed in the players bench area.

Rule 5   Rules of Indoor Soccer (7 v 7)

5.1. Except as expressly set out herein, all games will be played in accordance with FIFA’s Laws of the Game. All indoor games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game and/or OSA Playing Rules for Indoor Soccer.

5.2. Substitutions are continuous during play and must be made from the team’s players bench area, or from centre, at the referee’s discretion.

5.3. All games will be played as scheduled unless, at the discretion of the League, postponement is necessary due to unavoidable circumstances.

5.4. Postponed games must be played as rescheduled by the League. Failure to comply could result in no points being awarded and penalties/fines imposed. The League will give a minimum of one week’s advance notice of date and time for a rescheduled game.

5.5. There are no offsides.

5.6. The visiting team kicks off to start the game. The ball may be kicked in any direction for all kick-offs.

5.7. Players substituting must be near the touch line nearest their bench area. Failing to do so will result in “too many players on the field” and a two minute minor penalty will be given to the incoming player. 

5.8. Throw-ins are replaced by kick-ins.

5.9. All free kicks are indirect except penalty kicks. Free kicks shall be taken at a spot on the field designated by the referee, but in no event shall that spot be inside the keeper’s technical area/crease. Opposing players must be a minimum of three (3) metres from the ball.

5.10. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off, corner kick, or goal kick.

5.11. (NOT APPLICABLE IN OVER 35 LEAGUE) If a player contacts a ball such that it hits the roof or other part of the facility directly above the field of play, play will be stopped and the other team will be entitled to a free kick from a spot indicated by the referee that is below the ball's point of contact with the dome, provided that such spot shall not be within the keeper’s penalty area.  In such cases, the ball shall be placed on the penalty area line closest to the spot of contact with the roof.

5.12. Slide tackles are NOT allowed in Indoor games.  Any infraction shall result in the awarding of a free kick to the opposing team.

5.13. A referee may assess a two minute penalty for an offence, a caution (yellow) card or both. If in the opinion of the referee, the offence is both serious and within the penalty area, the referee may award a penalty kick PLUS a yellow card. 

Penalty Assessments: 
Referee’s discretion (no yellow card) - 2 minutes
Caution (yellow) - 2 minutes
Ejection (second yellow) - 5 minutes served by another player
Ejection (red) - 5 minutes served by another player

5.14. If a team has two players serving time penalties and another player on the same team receives a time penalty, that player must go into the penalty box.  The team must substitute players not serving time penalties to maintain the minimum number.  The time penalty of the third player will not commence until the time penalty of the first player has expired.

5.15. If an ejection causes a team to have less than the minimum required five players on the field, the penalized team will forfeit the game to the opposing team, and the game result will be recorded as the greater of the score at the time of the forfeit, or 3-0, in favor of the opposing team.

5.16. If, in the opinion of the referee, a player is deliberately delaying the game, the referee may issue a Caution (yellow).

5.17. Another player on the field may serve a “time” penalty for a goalkeeper. 

5.18. Spitting is not permitted at any time.

Rule 6   Referee

6.1. The Referee is responsible for delivering completed game sheets and any other official League paperwork to the Markham SC office as soon as possible after the game.  Special incident reports for all red cards, etc. must be submitted via email to within 48 hours of the completion of the game.

6.2. Referees shall wear proper attire as per O.S.A. rules.

Rule 7   Discipline



Cards will be addressed as follows:

Seasonal accumulation

1st Caution (Yellow Card)   No fine or game suspension
2nd Caution (Yellow Card)  No fine or game suspension (unless issued in the same game)
3rd Caution (Yellow Card)  One game suspension
4th Caution (Yellow Card)   No penalty
5th Caution (Yellow Card)  Two game suspension

Seasonal accumulation

1st Dismissal (Red Card)     $50 fine - suspension as per OSA policy
2nd Dismissal (Red Card)    $100 fine for second red card in a season - suspension as per OSA policy
3rd Dismissal (Red Card)     Disciplinary hearing plus potential expulsion from the League

Please note:

- Two cautions issued in the same game is the same as a dismissal and will be recorded as a Red Card Infraction. No fine shall be assessed.

- The League reserves the right to increase fines and game suspensions depending on the severity of the infraction as per OSA discipline policy.

7.1. The League Discipline Committee shall handle all discipline matters and protests (except appeals).

7.2. All discipline will be handed as DBR (Discipline by Review - without a hearing) except when:

a) the accused or the accused’s captain submits a written request for a hearing to the League within 72 hours after the game;

b) it involves serious foul play or violent conduct with intent to injure; or

c) it involves misconduct by a team official, which will be handled by DBH (Discipline by Hearing).

All Discipline by Review will be held each week following the previous weeks games.  Discipline hearing dates are to be held as set by the League.  Discipline hearings will be scheduled at the earliest possible date from the date of the infraction. Notification will be sent to all accused via email based on the information available in the Club database and copied to the team captain.

7.3. Discipline, in the case of alleged referee assault, will be handled by the O.S.A. at the YRSA. The Accused is automatically suspended from all soccer-related activity, as per O.S.A. rules, until the case has been heard and a decision has been rendered.

7.4. A team official, who for whatever reason during a game, pulls his/her team off the field, will be subject to a disciplinary hearing and, depending on the findings, may be fined.

7.5. Any club/team official charged with playing an ineligible player in a game sanctioned by the League will be subject to a disciplinary hearing (DBH). If found guilty, the team will forfeit all points of the game(s) in which the ineligible player participated and will be fined.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the team official to notify a player of their ineligibility to play due to suspension.

An ineligible player is defined as one or more of the following:

a) Playing while under suspension,
b) Playing while not being properly registered,
c) Playing after failing to produce photo identification when requested to do so.

7.7. Team officials will be held responsible if a game is abandoned because of the actions of its players, officials or spectators, will be subject to a disciplinary hearing and, depending on the findings, may be fined.

7.8. Any team charged with having an ineligible team official on the team's players bench during a game sanctioned by the League will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. If found guilty, the team will forfeit all points of the games in which the ineligible team official participated and will be fined.

7.9. An Ineligible Team Official is a team official who is:

a) Not registered under O.S.A. Policies and Procedures
b) Registered under a false name
c) Under discipline suspension
d) Under different name (used card from another team official).

Rule 8   Game Sheets

8.1. Players entered on a game sheet submitted to the referee prior to the commencement of a game shall be deemed to have played and the signature of any team official shall be deemed to have verified a player’s eligibility.

Rule 9   Protests

9.1. Protests based on decisions of a referee will be acknowledged as per O.S.A. and FIFA rules.

9.2. Protests will be handled as per O.S.A. and League Policies and Procedures.

9.3. Protests may only be made by a team official involved in the game and shall be made in writing within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the game to the League office. It shall be accompanied by the protest fee as per the schedule below. This fee shall be refunded in the event the protest is upheld.

Rule 10   Appeals

10.1. Any discipline decision made as a result of a scheduled Discipline Hearing made by the League Discipline Committee may be appealed to the York Region Soccer Association in accordance with the published appeals policy at

10.2  Decisions rendered under Discipline by Review (DBR) CANNOT be appealed.

Rule 11   Playoffs

12.1 At the sole discretion of the League, a playoff Tournament may be scheduled with the format to be as determined by the League.

12.2. To be eligible to play in any such Playoff Tournament, a player must have played in a minimum of six (6) League games.


Discipline Fees/Fines:

No-Show by a team for a scheduled game 

First game no-show by team $100.00

Any additional games no-show by team $200.00 per no-show

Above are payable to the League within ten days from assessment and failure to comply will result in further disciplinary action and fine.

Hearing Fees:

Request for Hearing $20.00


Unauthorized entry onto the playing field during a game $50.00 per player/team official

Team official withdrawing team from game $100.00

Team causing the abandonment of a game $100.00 

Team Official playing an Ineligible Player $150.00 per player per game

Team having an Ineligible Team Official $50.00

Game Protest Fee $500.00

Breach of Team Player Rules $100.00

Team Forfeit (less than 5 players after grace period or advanced notification that team is unable to field a team) $100.00

Team Officials Responsibility (Rule 2) $100.00